"One of the things I'm proud of is that this is not a Democratic or Republican bill - it's an American bill; it's the right thing to do no matter which party is in charge in Washington or in any state capital."
- Representative John Tanner (D-Tennessee)
"Those people who sit in Congress should be reflective of the people they represent. It's as simple as that."
- Former New Jersey Governor Richard J. Codey (D)
"The debate has become more stifled out of the fear that members have that it will cost them; We're losing touch with what ordinary Americans are thinking."
- Connecticut Representative Christopher Shays, a moderate Republican
"The current system is rigged to benefit the interests of those in office . . . not the interests of those who put them there. And we must reform it."
- California Governor Arnold Schwargenegger, 2005 State of the State Address
"When you try to do reform through the initiative process you have to give the people what they want. And sometimes what the people want is not necessarily what they need."
- Bruce Cain, University of California Berkeley
"The evils of gerrymandering cannot be cured simply by drawing districts that follow county or municipal boundaries, or by increasing the geometric compactness of district shapes, or even by transferring the power to redraw lines from politicians to an independent commission. Rather, it requires a careful effort to create districts that will be fair and competitive."
- Sam Hirsch and Thomas E. Mann
"Redistricting reform cannot by itself reverse these trends toward declining electoral competition, increasing ideological polarization between the parties, and smash-mouth partisan manipulation of the electoral rules of the game."
- Thomas E. Mann (accessed at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/t/thomasema250070.html)
Thomas E. Mann is a Senior Fellow of Governance Studies at the Brookings Institution.
"Monopolies are as harmful in politics as they are in business. Competition keeps everyone honest, while the concentration of power and barriers to entry lead to inefficiencies and corruption. That's been the case since the first antitrust laws were passed and President Theodore Roosevelt's trustbusters broke up Standard Oil. Our political system could use some latter-day trustbusters."
- Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Illinois) Chairman of the Democratic
Congressional Campaign Committee
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